Georgetown’s 6 p.m. Friendly Wave Makes Debut

The 6 p.m. Friendly Wave is spreading through Georgetown to create a community connection during the coronavirus pandemic. Residents are asked to open their windows or doors and wave, and also to sit on their stoop, wave and say hello to each other.

The wave is the brainchild of Georgetown Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Elizabeth Miller, who said: “We had 11 households on our block last night, including an accordion player, two horns and pups!”

“I started the daily Friendly Wave because I was so moved by the Italians singing from their balconies,” Miller said. “I quickly understood how important community would be as the quarantine gets tighter and goes longer.

“In times like these, kindness, love, support and even a Friendly Wave can go a long way to keeping us sane. It’s also a way to check on each other — especially our more mature neighbors — and make sure we have what we need and are staying healthy. My husband says his favorite part of the day is the ritualistic 6 p.m. Friendly Wave. He’s used to working around a lot of people, and it’s been hard to sit on a phone all day and work from home. The daily Friendly Wave allows us to see people and smile and connect and reminds us that we’re all part of one big community.”

Wavers on Q Street NW. Courtesy Elizabeth Miller.

Wavers on 35th Street NW. Courtesy Elizabeth Miller.


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