Feed the Fight DC: Meals for Hospital Staffs

Health-care lobbyist Elena Tompkins, a Georgetown resident, woke up one night with an idea. She had contacts at hospitals and knew the stress of their hard-working staffs — dealing with the coronavirus pandemic now surging in the U.S. She also knew that all the restaurants in the District were hurting.

Why not put together a service that would help both?

That’s why, in early February, Tompkins founded a nonprofit called Feed the Fight DC. And it has taken off.

In three weeks, Tompkins developed a crowdsourcing mechanism to help more than 25 local restaurants prepare, package and distribute lunches and sometimes dinners for medical staffers throughout the District.

“Every week we coordinate directly with the hospitals on what their needs are in different departments. We’re focused on supporting local health care facilities and first responders on the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Tompkins wrote to The Georgetowner.

Recipients have included not only nurses and emergency medical personnel, but also medical facility-based food service and maintenance workers.

Hospital workers accept their lunches. Courtesy Feed the Fight DC.


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