In Your Power to Vote: Your Freedom, Your Independence

Early voting for the Ward 2 Democratic primary is happening now. We have written about this election and the candidates with straightforward journalism. Information equals independence. We write the stories — whether they be political or business news.

So we call on you, the Ward 2 voters, to research the candidates carefully and, yes, vote twice: in the Ward 2 primary election, to be held June 2, and in the special election on June 16. It’s your informed decision to make.

In the June 2 Democratic primary, eight candidates are vying for the Ward 2 seat, held by Jack Evans for almost 30 years. (In January, Evans resigned that seat rather than face possible expulsion from the Council, but he is running for it again.) The other Democratic candidates are: John Fanning, Jordan Grossman, Daniel Hernandez, Patrick Kennedy, Brooke Pinto, Kishan Putta and Yilin Zhang.

These candidates display different strengths that reflect the differing interests of our ward.

Observers have agreed that the following are important considerations for choosing the next Ward 2 Council member: experience with business development, budgeting, zoning, taxes and tenant issues; experience as some kind of community representative, such as a nonprofit official or an advisory neighborhood commissioner; keen awareness and understanding of the District’s most diverse ward; and ability to deal with all kinds of people and political colleagues and to keep the public trust.

Add to this list — this year and beyond — an understanding, at the very least, of science and health care.

It remains a problem for some that the large number of candidates running has led to overchoice — and a mere plurality is needed to declare a winner. This situation positions one’s vote as a less than optimal right.

We note that the Washington Post opined of the Ward 2 contest: “If ever an election needed ranked-choice voting, it’s this one … Ranked-choice voting legislation had been introduced in both D.C. and Maryland but has yet to make it out of committee.”

We have tried to give our readers a good feel for each candidate in this and previous issues of The Georgetowner. More information about each is available on campaign websites and by contacting campaign staffs. (Opposite this page, readers will find Part III of our Q&A with the candidates.)

We certainly have gotten to know all of them and wish them well, whatever next month’s outcome.

Early voting began May 22 and runs through June 2. Anyone may vote by “absentee” ballot or, regardless of ward, at any of the 20 vote centers throughout D.C. Vote centers in Ward 2 are: One Judiciary Square-Old City Council Chambers, 441 4th St. NW, and Hardy Middle School, 1819 35th St. NW.

Use the mail-in ballot or go to the vote centers. More than ever, it’s really up to you, the voters. It is your decision, your right to exercise, your freedom, your independence.



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