FAIR Girls to Hold Virtual Fundraiser, June 30

The FAIR Girls 2020 virtual fundraiser — “A Celebration of Resilience and Hope, Ending Human Trafficking One Life at a Time” — will take place on Tuesday, June 30. With between 18,000 and 20,000 victims trafficked in the U.S. every year, this human rights atrocity has continued to be an international crisis, in spite of congressional and White House attention.

The following provides some details from the nonprofit, founded in 2003.

“FAIR Girls — Free, Aware, Inspired and Restored — provides intervention and holistic care to survivors of human trafficking who identify as girls or young women. Through prevention education and policy advocacy, FAIR Girls also works to eradicate human trafficking and create brighter outcomes for survivors. The FAIR Girls home office in Washington, D.C., offers compassionate care to prevent the exploitation of all girls.

“Since our founding in 2003, FAIR Girls has served well more than 1,200 girls and young women, providing safe housing, client-centered, trauma-informed direct services, and the life skills they need to transition from victim to survivor. FAIR Girls’ mission is deeply rooted in reducing the barriers faced by young women and girls being trafficked and assisting them, not only in safely liberating themselves, but also in having the skills, resources and support they need to remain free.

“Over the years, FAIR Girls has made great strides in identifying and helping close the ‘on-ramps’ into exploitation and trafficking — through our prevention education curriculum and community outreach and training programs — while increasing access to the ‘exit-ramps’ from exploitation — through age-appropriate, specialized direct services, safe transitional housing, advocacy and support.”

At this year’s event, running from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on June 30, the FAIR Girls nonprofit invites supporters to be part of a call to action to help victims and end trafficking. To join, visit fairgirls.org/celebrate.


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