To Our Supporters, We Say Thank You During The Georgetowner’s 66th Anniversary

The Georgetowner would like to thank its supporters during this difficult time and during the newspaper’s 66th anniversary. You are indeed a special group with new supporters joining the effort each week — and we want to thank you.

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that newspapers and news gathering matter, more than we could ever imagine. Yet, even before the pandemic, local newspapers were dying. The old revenue model — print advertising — has shifted, which means producing the paper you hold in your hands is harder than ever.

Again, thank you for supporting The Georgetowner — in operation since 1954 — so that we can continue to bring you the news you need. Please tell your friends to become a Georgetowner Stakeholder. Keep the presses rolling and the pixels going.

We appreciate it so much, and we would like to recognize the following, so far:


Edward Weidenfeld


Friends of Volta Park

Grayson & Company

John and Kristen Lever

Penny Farthing and Andrew Miller

Richard Murphy


Robyn and Leon Andris

Carp For Success, LLC

Ellen and Howard Eisenberg

Peter Harkness

Gertraud Hechl

Coleman Jackson

Pamla Moore

Chris Putula

Anne Randolph

Lisa Rossi

Paige and Tim Shirk

Robert Stowers

St. John’s Church, Georgetown


Cathleen Clinton • Nelson Cunningham • Paul and Diana Dennett • Diane Eames • Elizabeth Friedman • Georgetown Village • Peter Harkness • Peter Higgins • JAB Holding Company • Jerome Libin • Mapping Geogetown • Skip Moosher • Stephanie Bothwell Urban and Landscape Design • Christopher Wolf

Thank You Again —


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