D.C. Council to Be Majority Women, Majority Black

Tuesday’s election had some expected wins in Washington, D.C. — Joe Biden, Brooke Pinto, Vincent Gray — and a few surprises, such as a win for Christina Henderson and a loss for Vincent Orange, Marcus Goodwin or Ed Lazare.

With Henderson and the other women victors, the District Council will be made up of mostly women and mostly Blacks in 2021. This ratio for women has not been seen for more than 20 years — and the results will return a Black majority not seen for more than eight years.

Said Mayor Muriel Bowser during a Nov. 4 press conference: “It looks like we are going to have a majority-female Council of the District of Columbia. You won’t be surprised that that makes me very happy.”

For the State Board of Education, Allister Chang won the seat representing Ward 2.

In Georgetown’s advisory neighborhood commission contests, incumbent Gwen Lohse handily looks like a winner and newcomer Jenny Mitchell looks to maintain her winning votes over Christopher Mathews — with the latest numbers 231 to 213, as of today.

Meanwhile, Initiative 81 — a measure to decriminalize magic mushrooms (plant psychedelics) — was getting a 76-percent thumbs up.

The election results are not yet certified. The D.C. Board of Elections will be accepting mail-in ballots until Nov. 13.

For updates, here is the website for the D.C. Board of Elections: https://electionresults.dcboe.org/election_results/2020-General-Election


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