Out With the Old, and In With the Blues

Blue is a universally popular color for both women and men. More than the color one wears, blue describes temperature, sentiments and ideologies that range from hot to cold. A friend of mine once said, no matter where he goes in the world, the sky is always blue.

This element touches everyone. There is the energizing, healing blue sky and the calm of the blue sea. Emotions can run high and deep, revealing swear words often described as blue. We are now in a period dominated by the blue of political symbolism. And let’s not forget our own music genre known as the blues, originating in America’s Deep South.

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Speaking of the blues, I was having a conversation with my good girlfriend and fellow makeup enthusiast the other day about the usual: makeup, music, the news and the impact that the pandemic and politics have had on our community, industries, leaders, favorite entertainers and icons. We listed some who are now using their platform and crossing the lines to inspire and uplift the masses and promote democracy, commerce and human rights.

That’s when the name of a rising star, one of my favorite entertainers, came up: Melissa Viviane Jefferson, better known as Lizzo. If you’ve never heard of her, she’s a classically trained flutist, rapper, singer, songwriter, feminist, activist, humanitarian, fashionista, cover girl and all-around lover of life.

As we chatted about Lizzo, I thought about her powerful and bluesy singing style and lyrics and realized that she is a modern-day Ma Rainey meets Sojourner Truth and Maya Angelou — intrepid women who were and remain creators and definers of American culture. The unorthodox Ma Rainey, Mother of the Blues, created the mold for the blues woman and branded her and the music on the American psyche. Now, an entertainer like Lizzo is building on that legacy and helping advance the role of women and citizens all over the world.

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President-elect Joe Biden has ushered in our country’s first Black/Indian female vice president, Kamala Harris, who, I might add, was interviewed live on Instagram by Lizzo. Looking back, 2020’s political, civil rights and health crises have served as an honest, cleansing dose of “Truth Hurts,” which happens to be the title track of Lizzo’s Billboard number-one hit single this year.

Depending on who you ask about Lizzo, you may hear about her brush with Prince, her recent sweep of three Grammy awards — one being Best New Artist — and her inspirational interview with David Letterman on his Netflix series, “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.” Lizzo told Letterman that, despite events, she was “optimistic and hopeful” about the state of America. He repeated her remark, “You are hopeful.” She nodded for emphasis.

Lizzo’s response sums up my attitude about the future of our great nation and the world. I feel inspired, positive and hopeful. Lizzo and her anthem of hope, self-care, love yourself and tell-it-like-it-is lyrics may be hard to hear, but is nonetheless uplifting.

We can consider the blues as musical therapy. It’s a revolutionary outcry for action, originated, created and sung by Americans determined to overcome, to be free. I imagine every culture in the world has its version of blues music, which ignites the quest for the good life. Let’s move forward, like Lizzo, glimmering with hope.

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