What’s Out and What’s In?

HQ2, an impeached president, the COVID-19 pandemic, the postponed Olympic Summer Games, Dr. Fauci, PPE and PPP, essential workers, Zoom videoconferencing, streateries, from Jack Evans to Brooke Pinto, Warren, Sanders, the Green New Deal, Biden/Harris, Tiger King, Comet NEOWISE, the NBA at Disneyworld, shutdowns and shut-ins, virtual learning and learning pods, Black Lives Matter, SpaceX, TikTok, Harry and Meghan, AOC and the Squad, from RBG to Amy Coney Barrett, superspreader events, political car rallies, Trump’s refusal to concede the election, hurricanes, floods, wildfires, vaccines and on and on and on.

One day, we’ll look back and … wish we hadn’t.

But, for now, here’s our highly idiosyncratic look at “What’s Out and What’s In” at the end of this exceptionally strange year.


OUT                                        IN

Trump/Pence                           Biden/Harris

The Second Lady                      The Second Gentleman

Veep Julia                                Madame Vice President Kamala

Dr. Oz                                      Dr. Jill

Pence                                       Pensive

Florida Man                               Delaware Man

Fire Fauci!                                 Heed Fauci!

The Old President                       The Old President

Political Data Crunching              Political Data Hunching

Alternative Facts                        Truth

Running for Office                       Running for Sanity

Narcissism                                  Empathy

Mar-a-Lago                                 Rehoboth

Kompromat                                 Laundromat

The Deep State                           The Deep State

Jack Evans                                  Brooke Pinto

Boarded-Up Shops                       Storefront Murals

Black Lives Matter                        Reparations

Mansplaining                                “I’m speaking”

V-Shape Abs                                 V-Shape Recovery

Identity Groups, Voting Blocs          Families of Mixed Races, Cultures, Nationalities

“Democracy Dies in Darkness”        “The Light of Truth Shines on All”


The New Normal

OUT                                                     IN

FOMO                                                  FOGO (fear of going out)

Dating Masked Men                               Mask Mandating

Table Cloth                                           Plexiglass Partitions

Rubbing Elbows                                     Elbow Bumping

Where’s the Remote?                             Working Remotely

Marie Kondo                                          Room Rater

Zooming Around Town                           Zoom Videoconferencing

Party Favors                                          Hand Sanitizers

Smiling                                                  Smeyesing

Self-Improvement Plan                           Pandemic Puppy

Kvetching                                              Counting Our Blessings

Safe Spaces on Campus                          No Safe Spaces on Campus

Baronial Manors                                      Social Distancing Manners

L.A.’s Wild Parties                                    L.A.’s Wildfires

Degrees in Vague Disciplines                    Micro-Credentialing

Mints So Others Don’t Smell Our Breath    Mints So We Don’t Smell Our Own Breath


Science and Technology

OUT                                          IN

Insta Videos                               TikTok

4G                                             5G

NASA                                         SpaceX

QAnon                                        Bill Nye

Machine Parts                              Machine Learning

Virtual Reality                              Virtual Backgrounds

Facebook Messenger                     Messenger RNA

Rex Tillerson                                Greta Thunberg

Yellow Jacket Protesters                Murder Hornets

Twittersphere                               CFCs in the Atmosphere

A Vaccine Will Take Years!             Would You like a Moderna Martini, a Pfizer Spritzer or                                                        an AstraZeneca Old Fashioned?

Economics and Business

OUT                                           IN

Carnival Cruises                          Kayak Adventures

High-Rise Offices                         Seaside Cottages

Crystal City                                 National Landing

Psychic Predicts Recession            Inverted Yield Curve Predicts Recession

Weed Wackers                             Weed Dispensaries

Impersonal Mall Shopping             Personal Shopping “as an Experience”

Cubicles                                      Home Working Nooks

Tool Sheds                                  She Sheds

Missing Home                              Missing the Office

Dragging Husbands to Galas         Virtual Fundraisers 



OUT                                                IN

“Tiger King”                                    “Queen’s Gambit”

SNL’s New Cast Members                 SNL’s Old Cast Members

The Kardashians                              The Windsors

Mosh Pits                                         Dancing With Myself

Ed Sullivan Theater                           Colbert’s House

Investing in David Bowie                    Investing in BTS

Emily Actually in Paris                        “Emily in Paris” on Netflix

Kim and Kanye                                  John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

TV Reruns                                         Podcasts

Jennifer Aniston’s Insta                      Sir David Attenborough’s Insta

Morning Newspaper                            Doomscrolling

Socialite                                             Social Influencer

Royal Nuptials of Harry and Meghan     No Security Detail for the Mr. and Mrs.

Glitterati in Hollywood                         Paul Hollywood’s Handshake for the Glitter

Style and Fashion

OUT                                            IN

Stilettos                                      Chuck Taylors

Fast Fashion                                Slow Streets

Fancy Manicures                          Chewing on Our Own Nails

Mark Zuckerburg’s Caesar Cut       Jack Dorsey’s Zen Master Beard

Skinny Jeans                                Flowing Dresses

Rouge and Lipstick for Going Out   Lashes and Eyeliner for a Night on the Town

Glamming                                    Glamping



OUT                                                    IN

XXXII Olympiad in Japan                      Maybe Next Year?

Washington Redskins                           The Washington Football Team

NBA Home-Court Advantage                 Disney World Presents the NBA!

Peloton                                                An Actual Bicycle

Final Roster Cuts Posted                        Fan Cut-Outs Posted in the Stands

Booing the president at the Ballgame     Cheering Dr. Fauci’s “Opening Pitch”


Food and Dining

OUT                                             IN

Dining In                                     Dining Out

Chilled Wine with Dinner               Chilly Outdoor Diners

Cocktails After Dinner                   Cocktails with Zoom Brunch

Dining Out Often Is Expensive!      Gotta Support Those Local Restaurants!

Cozy Table in the Back                  Cozy Table by the Outdoor Heater

Noisy, Packed Indoor Places          Streateries in the Parking Lane

Ballpark Hotdog with Sauerkraut   Feeding Our Sourdough Starter Before Walking                                                                 to the Park

At Home

OUT                                             IN

Gewgaws                                     Succulents

Shared-Home Airbnbs                   Hotel-Based Airbnbs

Bookshelves with Books                 Bookshelves with Other Stuff

New Satellite Dish for the Home     How Many Times Do I Have to Wash These Dishes?

Guest Rooms for Grannies              Granny Pods

Xbox and PS4                                Chess


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