‘Real School’ Returns to Hyde-Addison

The big entrance gate to Hyde Addison Public Elementary School at 3219 O St. NW. in Georgetown was open. Jaylin, a kindergarten student, and her mom Reina were just coming out of the school building at about 3 p.m., Feb. 2.

“Are you excited about school reopening?“ the girl was asked.

Jaylin‘s eyes got wide and her mask-muffled “Yes!“ was enthusiastic. “I am excited to be going back to real school“ she said.

Jaylin was there scoping out her new classroom with her mother Rena today. School starts officially tomorrow Wednesday, Feb. 3.  “She is really happy that she will have the same teacher who has been teaching her online,” Rena said. “But only a few friends will be there, too. There can’t be more than eight or 11 kids in the classroom for now.“

Some of Jaylin’s friends‘ siblings did not get into the in -person classes, Reina said.  “Maybe in the next phase,” she added.


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