Mother-Daughter Team Launches Cosmetics Product

Former actor and model Christina Zilber, founder and CEO of cosmetics brand Jouer — “to play,” in French — has teamed up with her daughter Amelie, a 19-year-old Georgetown University student, on a new product.

Like most college kids, Amelie has a job she manages around her class schedule. Her work isn’t just any kind of work. The teen is a social-media star with 6.2 million TikTok followers and 2.2 million Instagram followers (and counting).

Christina chose to begin Jouer in 2008 after becoming enchanted with the makeup artists on set at her acting and modeling gigs. “Over the years, my interest in makeup became an obsession and a very expensive hobby,” she said. “While some people were collecting books or CDs, I was collecting makeup.”

Christina dreamed of starting a makeup brand that combined the highest quality skin care ingredients with beautiful, inclusive shades in luxury packaging. Jouer first launched at Henri Bendel in New York City.

Jouer’s newest product, a blush and bloom, cheek and lip duo, was the brainchild of Christina and Amelie. The collaboration is all about embracing the multifaceted ways one can be “beautiful.” Amelie cited embracing inner beauty and using one’s voice for activism, changemaking and empowerment.

“The blush duo is the perfect product, because it serves as a reminder that being beautiful and smart is the best model to live by,” Amelie said.

Christina feels lucky because her daughter and she have enormous respect for each other. “This collaboration came about without hesitation on either of our parts,” she said. “[Amelie] has a strong view about pigment and shade, but believed in the formula already.”

Like most mothers and daughters, Amelie and Christina get on each other’s nerves, but Christina reassured me that the two forgive quickly — and know that nobody has each other’s back like they do. Amelie echoed Christina, saying that working with her mom has been lighthearted and fun.

As far as how a teen with millions of social-media followers and a mom with a background in acting and modeling ended up in Georgetown, well, it’s quite simple. Christina shared that theirs has always been a politically active and aware family.

“From the time [Amelie] was young, I brought her to political fundraisers. We discussed and debated current events and volunteered on campaigns,” she said. “I even had her phone banking at 10 years old!”

Amelie has also been involved with UNICEF since she was young. At 12, she was able to join a trip to Malaysia with the organization to visit the Bajau Laut children.

Amelie shared that she has always seen herself at Georgetown University. Ever since the summer she attended a one-week political immersion program, right before her sophomore year of high school, she knew the school was perfect for her.

“Georgetown is located in the center of the political world and fuses the traditional college experience I’ve always wanted with a political focus as well,” she said. “For years, I saw myself working at a think tank where I would be actively curating policy for the Middle East.”

That was Amelie’s dream until she saw the growth of her social-media platform. She realized just how powerful a voice she had, capturing the minds of young people across the country.

“My platform is a space where young people come to learn about the world around them and get invigorated to make positive changes in their own communities,” she said. “For the future, my path is open and I’m welcome to receiving any and all opportunities that come my way.”

Jouer Cosmetics can be found at over 70 Sephora stores and, including the one at 3241 M St. NW.



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