Wild Thistle Kitchen: Rhubarb + Elderflower Refresher

Say hello to my new favorite cocktail. This rhubarb elderflower refresher cocktail is like pink lemonade for grown-ups and I plan to sip on it all spring and summer long. A double dose of tartness from lemon and rhubarb, a hint of floral sweetness from elderflower liqueur (my latest obsession), and that unbelievable, all-natural pink color from my beloved rhubarb. Oh, and some really good vodka — but feel free to use your favorite clear liquor. I imagine gin would be very good.

I have been wanting to create a rhubarb cocktail for some time, and somehow rhubarb season always zips by and I never get around to it. Well, I finally did it! I am so pleased with this cocktail. You know I’m a wine lover, but a seasonal cocktail is so fun and hard to resist. For me, a cocktail is all about balance. I crave tartness over sweetness and I want to taste the alcohol, not be punched in the face by it.

This Rhubarb Cocktail Consists of Just 4 Ingredients:

  • Rhubarb syrup
  • Fresh lemon juice
  • Elderflower liqueur
  • Vodka

The rhubarb simple syrup is loads less sweet than most simple syrups. As I wrote above, I do not love a sweet cocktail. And I want to taste the rhubarb, not just use it for its gorgeous color. Plus, we’ll get a touch of sweetness from the elderflower liqueur.

Use the Good Booze in This Rhubarb + Elderflower Refresher…

(and in all your other cocktails too!) I know it seems obvious, but you’d be amazed at the difference in flavor between the bargain booze and the good stuff. I’m telling you, it’s worth the investment if you want a smooth cocktail experience. For vodka, I recommend Grey Goose and for the elderflower liqueur I recommend St. Germain (I’m not even sure if there is another option). But by all means, use your favorites.

And along those same lines: Use freshly squeezed citrus juice always for cocktails. The rhubarb syrup can be made with frozen rhubarb, however.

For the Rhubarb Simple Syrup

As I wrote above, I make mine wayyyyy less sweet than most simple syrup recipes. And, I add lemon for even more tartness. The syrup is so simple to make and will last in your fridge for ages. Meaning you can make this refreshing rhubarb cocktail whenever the craving strikes. Or, you can use it to make pink lemonade/limeade or a fun homemade soda. Lots of possibilities!

I like to add the sugar, rhubarb, water, and lemon juice as well as the juiced lemon halves straight to the pot. It will all get strained later and I like the flavor the lemon rind adds.

That’s it! I hope you’ll give these a try and let me know what you think. Cheers! xo – Anita

(For the full recipe, go to: https://wildthistlekitchen.com/rhubarb-elderflower-refresher/)



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