Wild Thistle Kitchen: Lamb Stuffed Summer Squash

This Lamb Stuffed Summer Squash was born as a result of my very prolific yellow squash plants. I had a boat load to use up and my thoughts quickly turned to Greek-inspired flavors and some of the dishes my dad made frequently when I was younger. I remember him making Moussaka and Pastitsio and I loved them both. They each have similar ingredients and techniques so I kind of mashed them up to create this delicious summertime dish. The squash makes the cutest little boats when hollowed out and the perfect vessel to hold the savory lamb filling. Topped with the creamiest, cheesiest bechamel sauce and baked until golden brown, this Lamb Stuffed Summer Squash is a savory summertime treat!

One of my joys this summer has been my garden and really letting the seasonal produce guide me both in my recipes and in my photography. I have always loved gardening but I really threw myself into it this year. (If you follow along on my Instagram stories you’ll KNOW!) This year, I have planted and grown things I’ve always wanted to — the most beautiful heirloom tomatoes from seeds I saved last year, unusual types of squash and melons, so many herbs and flowers. Truly it has been such a joy and I have graduated to a whole new level of garden nerd-dom, as I jokingly call it. I’m always jabbering to Jason about it and telling him some new fact I’ve learned.

Ok, back to the recipe. This does have a few steps, but it’s not much different than assembling a lasagna or stuffed shell type dish. You’ll make the lamb sauce, the bechamel, and hollow out your squash. Then it’s just a matter of assembling and baking. Really so simple. This is a great make-ahead too. You can get it all assembled and bake it the next day or even two days later. I have not tried freezing, but I’ll let you know if I do!

A Few Notes on This Lamb Stuffed Summer Squash Recipe

  • You can use other types of squash, but these yellow crooknecks make the best and biggest boats and I just love the curvy stems.
  • I am in love with canned whole cherry tomatoes, but they can be hard to track down sometimes. So, if you aren’t using fresh cherry tomatoes, just use a can of diced tomatoes or your favorite canned tomato puree/product.
  • I adore lamb and you know this ground lamb is from my favorite place: Hayfield Farm. But, if you don’t love lamb, of course you can use ground beef or any other ground meat of your choice.
  • As with all recipes, especially multi-step recipes, I urge you to read it through before committing. Then, pour yourself a glass of wine, crank up some good tunes, and enjoy the process.

For full recipe, go to: https://wildthistlekitchen.com/lamb-stuffed-summer-squash/


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