‘Kings, Queens and Quarterbacks’ at Meridian 

Social secretaries from foreign embassies across Washington’s diplomatic community gathered in the opulent garden of the Meridian International Center Aug. 11 and joined in celebrating the recently arrived White House Social Secretary Carlos Elizondo.

Elizondo addressed the masked crowd with his touching remarks about how people will remember one in life through how well they treat other people. Visiting “kings, queens and quarterbacks” to the White House can occur on any given day and versatility in endearing them to the president and first lady are priorities, said Elizondo. Meridian CEO, Ambassador Stuart Holliday, enthusiastically greeted other notable guests as well as former Chief of Protocol Capricia Marshall and Secretary of State for Washington, D.C. Kimberly Bassett, in addition to other members of the White House social secretary team, including the daughter of President Biden’s Counsel Steve Richetti, Shannon. 


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