Homeless Camp Cleared at Entrance to Georgetown

On Friday, Sept. 10, the camp that grew over the last year between Rock Creek and 28th Street, between Pennsylvania Avenue and M Street, on federal property was cleared by the National Park Service. The site is next to Sandlot Georgetown and still contains an old entrance sign for the town.

After neighbors’ complaints of illegal activities by the campers, the NPS finally issued a closure notice for “this section of Reservation 360 to clean and rehabilitate the area.”

As in other parts of the city with federal land being being occupied by the homeless or squatters and now being cleared by the Park Service, such as Burke Park at 12th Street and Massachusetts Avenue NW, neighbors are relieved to hear that the random abusive behaviors have been cleared away.

Julia Washburn, NPS Superintendent for Rock Creek Park, wrote in her notice:

“The National Park Service has determined that this park closure is necessary for the protection of human health and safety, protection of nearby private property, as well as the protection of natural and cultural resources. Less restrictive measures will not suffice as health, safety and resource impacts from the site are continuing.

“The park will be closed with temporary fencing and will remain closed until the safety hazard and other resource damage is addressed. Violation is prohibited.

“The National Park Service appreciates the public’s cooperation.”



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