Decisions on Decking the Streets    

While we are planning to deck the halls during the Yuletide, it’s time to take away some decks set up for sidewalk expansion to help businesses during the pandemic.  

The Georgetown Business Improvement District is conducting a survey on the decking situation, asking which sections stay or not. Still, with knowledge of the neighborhood, it’s fairly simple to look and decide what’s in, what’s out. Let’s start on M Street on the east side.  

Along the 2900 block of M, let’s just keep some decking in front of L’Annexe; none on the south side. At the 3000 block of M, lose the north side decking (too much); keep the extra space in front of Thunder Burger and Laduree. Along the 3100 block of M, retain decks just in front of Bodega and Haagen-Dazs on the south side; there’s too much on the north side (in front of Levin Bakery). Do we have to close the alley? Along the 3200 block of M, nothing at the north side; good to leave the sidewalk extension for Clyde’s; good, too, for Good Stuff Eatery and Pizza Paradiso.  

Along Wisconsin Avenue on the 1200 block, keep decks for El Centro and Foxtrot; no need for decking down from Martin’s Tavern. Along the 1300 block of Wisconsin, good in front of the Georgetown Inn and L.A. Burdick; let’s lose that extra decking near the corner. Along the 1400 block, it’s good for Compass Coffee as well as Boulangerie Christophe; lose the deck extensions to the antique shop. On the 1500 stretch, it’s good for Lutece and the George Town Club. Up in front of Los Cuates, it’s good, too. Up on the 1700 block, there’s the lone Bistrot Lepic streatery.  

Let’s give some of these spots a more aesthetic look for what they are. Streateries along the side streets — such as Cafe Georgetown — make sense. We seek a balance of people, cars and bikes along the streets and sidewalks of Georgetown. A dispassionate look at the scene yields fairly easy answers.  




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