Chris Michael Brings Magic to the Graham Hotel

Ever since Chris Michael was a young boy, he had an affinity for magic. He found himself captivated by the tricks put on by Jester Jim, a local juggling, beatboxing magician at the neighborhood library. After many years of fine tuning his craft and performing at large corporate events, Michael is adding his own personalized show to his repertoire. Michael is performing “Affinity” at the Graham Hotel at 1075 Thomas Jefferson St. NW, giving hotel guests and D.C. residents a magic experience that is sure to impress all – even the most skeptical viewers.

The Georgetowner spoke with Brian Friedman, owner of the Graham Hotel who first saw Michaels perform in New York City. “I did not think I was going to like the show as much as I did,” Friedman admits, but was quickly drawn in by Michaels’ talent and charm. “It was exhilarating,” Friedman says, and decided that Michaels deserved a spot at the Graham.

Typically, when one thinks of magic, card tricks and rabbits falling out of hats, come to mind. However, Chris Michael puts an entirely different spin on magic. In his show, he preaches that magic is everywhere if we just look for it. With personal stories, uplifting messages, and of course, lots of incredible, mind-bottling magic tricks, Michael captures the attention and participation of the audience.

Michael knew he wanted to be a magician from an early age. He spent hours on the weekends practicing his skills at a small magic shop in Richmond, Virginia, called Divine Magic and Novelties. His mentor, Hun Woo, taught him to master his tricks, and his abilities only improved week by week. Michael studied psychology as an undergraduate, and became curious about the way the mind perceives magic. While he continues to enjoy performing for businesses and other more formal events, he wanted to create his own show that would change the way people thought about magic.

Marcus Eddie, the producer of “Affinity,” and a seasoned magician consultant himself, saw clearly the vision Michael had. Eddie has worked on numerous television projects, including “Magic for Humans,” a reality television series on Netflix. According to Eddie, “Magic for Humans” introduces a new generation of magicians that adds human elements to the tricks making the overall experience of magic more personal.

Eddie and Michael came together and formed the idea for “Affinity,” a show that would unveil the human experience of magic, and make the audience feel they came to the show for a reason. “This is my chance to give people an experience, and it is not a typical magic show,” Michaels told the Georgetowner. He wants the audience to feel something during his show whether it’s a sense of belonging or the notion that every moment in their life has led up to their purchase of tickets to his show. Rather than just another member of the audience, Michaels wants his guests to feel they are a part of the show so they can experience the magic in the room themselves.

“The Graham Hotel is the place to be to experience an experience,” says General Manager Brenden Giroux, and this is not one to miss.

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