7-Eleven Closure Makes News Locally and Globally

Who knew such hyperlocal news as the closing of the 7-Eleven on P Street in Georgetown would make the national television news more than 7,000 miles away?

The May 9th Georgetowner story about the P Street 7-Eleven that ran online was picked up by Ethiopian national TV —  Ethiopia News  Zehabesha 4 News | ዘ-ሐበሻ የዕለቱ ዜና.

The franchisee owner Girma Hailu emigrated from there to the U.S. He has received emails and phone calls from Africa, Europe — and down the street. One neighbor called him “the epitome of the American Dream.”

Friends and neighbors are exploring ways to help Hailu and his wife Tsige “Chu-Chu” Sebsibe, business-wise, after the P Street store closes its doors.

“It’s incredibly sad news to discover that the ‘P St 7-11,’ as it’s affectionately known would be slated for closure,” Neville Waters, a Georgetown resident, told The Georgetowner. “The decision made by out of the market bean counting accountants is short-sighted and neglects to appreciate the historical connection of the venue to our community. This engagement has only been strengthened by the commitment to the neighborhood demonstrated by the current operators Girma and Chu-Chu. I’ll never forget the store’s opening in 1964 when as a child I was first introduced to the delicious frozen treat known as a Slurpee.”

Stop by the store at 2617 P St. NW to say good-bye to Girma and Chu-Chu over the weekend.


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  • Norma Woody says:

    So sorry to hear that this store is closing. Girma and Chu Chu have been friends of the Jerusalem Baptist Church for many years and have supported us gracefully thru out their existence at 26th & P st. We will surely miss you both. May God continue Blessing you and your family.

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