Saks Fifth Avenue’s Celebration of Fashion for World Hospice Day

On Tuesday July 12, Saks Fifth Avenue Chevy Chase welcomed Hospice of the Chesapeake Foundation for A Celebration of Fashion commemorating World Hospice and Palliative Care Day.

This was a warm gathering of influential community leaders to honor sponsors, care givers and health care workers who dedicate themselves to supporting individuals and family members through the physical, emotional, and spiritual distress endured at the end of life. The Hospice of the Chesapeake is a non-profit organization working to create a new model of compassionate and comprehensive care. Their belief is that we live every day but die only on one single day.

They are in relationship with the Brits Hospice, sister hospice in South Africa. Guests had the pleasure of hearing South African Ambassador Nomaindya C. Mfketo speak about the importance of this mission from the perspective of her country and in particular the many children who have been tremendously affected by the impact of Covid-19.

This was a prelude to the Glow Event taking place in the fall and was a highly curated evening with a dinner and international fashion show also hosted by Saks Fifth Avenue and its Vice President and General Manager Marguerite Steege in collaboration with Glow Co-Chairs Gretchen Cusack and Patricia Trudeau.

Photos by Allyson Burkhardt

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