Pick 2 for the District Council 

Ward 2 D.C. Council member Brooke Pinto — who represents Georgetown — is not up for re-election during this election cycle, but two of four At-large Council candidates will be decided on Nov. 8. Take the time to check out the eight candidates and let go of partisan prejudices for the moment. All eight have an interesting life story to tell and want to be your public servant. At-large Council candidates — in the order they appear on your ballot — are: 

Elissa Silverman — Independent 

Journalist turned politician, this reliable progressive does not take “a dime from corporations or PACs.” 


Karim D. Marshall — Independent 

Government lawyer turned candidate, Marshall says, “Our rising crime rate is a reflection of the lack of will to address the problem.” 


Fred Hill — Independent 

Businessman, veteran, cancer survivor and “champion of the District’s mosaic of culture and thought,” Hill tells us he’s “the real deal.” And we believe him. 


Kenyan McDuffie — Independent 

Former mailman and Ward 5 Council member, McDuffie is seen as a sensible urbanist and balanced advocate for small businesses. 


Anita Bonds — Democratic 

Council 10-year veteran and union-endorsed, Bonds chairs the Committee on Housing and Executive Administration and promotes the idea of “good government.”  


David Schwartzman — DC Statehood Green   

Eco-socialist Schwartzman wants “to deliver a radical alternative to the trickle-down economic policies that have created shockingly high racial and economic disparities in our community.” 


Graham McLaughlin — Independent 

Health services executive McLaughlin says, “Even though D.C. government spends more per citizen than any other city in the country, our elected officials have not been able to unleash our potential.” 


Giuseppe Niosi — Republican 

Third-generation Washingtonian and Navy reservist Niosi says, “I aim to connect with local Washington, D.C., to help facilitate a movement to bring diversity of thought to the Council.” 







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  • Carole lewis Anderson says:

    We need change on the Council. We need new members who will look at issues with fresh eyes, and create new relationships with the Administration and its Agencies. Karim Marshall knows how to do that, as he has been working within the government on environmental justice and other critical legislative issues.

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