May 2023 Downtowner

Mayor Muriel Bowser Against Proposal to Pause K Street Project  

Late last month, Ward 6 Council Member Charles Allen called for pausing the K Street Transitway project to help pay for free Metrobus service in D.C. In development since the pandemic, the K Street Transitway would include adding dedicated bus lanes and platforms that would be separated from traffic. D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser said at a news conference that if the K Street project were to be paused it would kill the project. She said having the dedicated bus lanes would improve service not only downtown but all around the city, citing more reliability and less traffic.  

A Gigantic Bounce House — Yes, You Read That Correctly — is Coming to the Area 

The world’s biggest bounce house is coming to the area May 20.

Big Bounce America, aka “the world’s biggest bounce house,” will be setting up shop at Fort Washington’s Rosecroft Raceway May 20 through June 11. The bounce house is not just for children (as it’s 16,000 square-feet and 32-feet tall) and is currently touring the U.S. There will be a live DJ on hand and lots of ball pits, slides, obstacle courses and a dance party. The bouncy house is family-friendly though, as there are plans for separate timeslots, from toddlers to adults.  

A Whopping Six Million Traffic Tickets in D.C. Unpaid 

Since January 1, 2000, over $6.2 million in traffic tickets adding up to over $1 billion in fines and penalties have not been paid to D.C. While hundreds of drivers in the city have been caught speeding, running red lights and other issues, many do not pay their fines. This issue has brought to light D.C.’s inability to hold such high-risk drivers responsible. Over 2,000 vehicles have at least 40 outstanding tickets, according to the D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles. Around 1,200 cars are linked to fines that add up to over $20,000 since 2018. One car with Maryland tags has almost 350 outstanding tickets with a sum close to $200,000.  

Site on National Mall Approved for Fallen Journalists Memorial 

A memorial for fallen journalists is coming to The National Mall.

A new memorial has been approved by federal officials to honor fallen journalists. The Fallen Journalists Memorial, to honor those who’ve died reporting the news and to laud the role of free press in a democracy, will be on a piece of land in Southwest D.C. between The National Museum of the American Indian and the Voice of America building. The location will be bordered by Independence and Maryland Avenues and Third Street SW. The location was chosen for its direct view of the Capitol and to highlight journalists’ role as government watchdogs.  

Man Shot Trying to Stop Scooter Robbery 

A man was shot after trying to intervene during a robbery of a scooter on the corner of 14th and S Streets NW. The target was inside a hardware store when she came back to the sidewalk and noticed her scooter gone. She then heard gunshots and ran away. Three young men on a red scooter were captured by security cameras from local businesses and were seen later heading up 14th Street just before the shooting took place. The man who tried to intervene was also on a scooter and subsequently shot.  






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