Citizens Honor Ukraine, Georgetown Leaders at Annual Meeting

The Citizens Association of Georgetown continued its support and love of besieged Ukraine by presenting Ambassador Oksana Markarova with its Diplomacy Award at its annual meeting, held at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts on May 9.

The grateful Markarova responded by saying that she felt so at home in Georgetown — where the Ukrainian Embassy sits at 34th and M Streets — that she expects to hold a CAG gathering in Kyiv in the next year or so.

Also on the meeting, Mayor Muriel Bowser spoke to the audience about the current D.C. budget discussions and difficulties as well as her comeback plan for the city — and took questions, which included one about parking, of course. Ward 2 Council member Brooke Pinto echoed the mayor in her opposition to taxing for-hire vehicles in downtown and to defunding the K Street project. Pinto spoke of being in “beautiful Duke Ellington School” and supporting improvements for Hardy School and Jelleff Center — and cited public safety as her number-one issue.

The CAG awards portion of the evening saluted those well known and well deserving.

The Belin Award went to Rick Murphy, former chair of the Georgetown-Burleith Advisory Neighborhood Commission —  “for Distinguished Service to the Georgetown Community.”

The William A. Cochran Award went to the Georgetown House Tour (represented by St. John’s Rector Gini Gerbasi) — “for Exceptional Efforts to Protect & Enhance the Community’s Architectural Resources.”

The Charles Antherton Award went to Metropolitan Police Commander Duncan Bedlion — “for Exceptional Service by a Dedicated Public-Sector Professional for Outstanding Work Preserving & Protecting Historic Georgetown.”

The Martin-Davidson Award went to Potomac Wine & Spirits — “for an Outstanding Business that has Contributed Significantly to the Georgetown Community.”

Special Appreciation Awards went to Florence Auld, Patrick Clawson, Jennifer Romm and Karin Wheeler — “for Dedicated Service to the Georgetown Community.”

At the meeting, a new slate of officers and board members was elected.


Tara Sakraida Parker, President

Larry Flanagan, Vice-President

Claire Voorhees, Treasurer

Ellen Eisenberg, Secretary

Board of Directors:

Stephanie Bothwell

Christi Cline

Katherine Hasty

Darcy Nauman

Nash Peart

Tom Ryan

Dr. Amy Titus

Paul K. Williams

Brittany Sawyer is the Executive Director of the Citizens Association of Georgetown. Visit for more information.

Rick Murphy received the Belin Award for Distinguished Service to the Georgetown Community — presented by CAG President Tara Sakraida Parker Ward 2 Council member Brooke Pinto. Courtesy CAG.

Mayor Muriel Bowser addressed CAG members at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts. Courtesy CAG.

Howard Eisenberg, Ellen Eisenberg, Claire Voorhees, Ben Nauman and Darcy Nauman at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts. Courtesy CAG.


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