Where to Watch the 4th of July Fireworks

On Tuesday, we honor and celebrate America’s 247th birthday. Wondering where to watch the 4th of July fireworks this year? From Georgetown, there are plenty of options. Here are five great places to catch the splendid Independence Day shows. Happy Fourth! 

If You’re Feeling Adventurous…

Head to the National Mall  

The National Mall is a must-try at least once. If you haven’t been to fireworks there, it’s best to go early and grab a spot. Set up a picnic blanket and enjoy an outdoor meal or a snack before the show begins in the evening. Keep in mind, you’ll be outside for hours so remember to hydrate and protect yourself from the sun. Come nightfall, it will all be worth it. 


If You’re Feeling Like Sticking around Home… 

Find your nearest favorite rooftop 

When in doubt, go up! If you live in a building with a rooftop, or know a close friend or neighbor who has access to one, head above the buildings for a beautiful view far away from lots of crowds.  

The Watergate Hotel’s rooftop offers some of the city’s best 360 views of the monuments and Potomac. In Georgetown on 31st Street and the C&O Canal is the Rosewood Hotel that is having a July 4th celebration atop the hotel’s rooftop bar, Cut Above.

Sometimes a rooftop is just the place to catch the 4th of July fireworks. Instagram photo from Instagram.com/Zackowicz.

If You’re Feeling Like a View over the Water… 

Watch from Key Bridge 

At the southern entrance of Georgetown, Francis Scott Key Bridge is a great place to see fireworks. Keep in mind, given it’s a bridge there is only so much space on its sidewalks. If you get there and find yourself with no standing room, head to the Georgetown waterfront for equally good views (and eats!)

If you get there early you can find a great view above the river and take in the nightlights and landmarks… Georgetowner photo by Jeff Kouri.

If You’re a Longtime Local… 

Enjoy the Fireworks from St. Albans School 

St. Albans School has a lot of space around it for July 4 crowds and is a popular option for Georgetowners, given its short drive (or walk) up Wisconsin Avenue. As Wisconsin Avenue slopes upward from Georgetown, it’s an awesome place to settle in for some prime fireworks views. 

St. Albans. Photo courtesy Private School Review.

If You’re Meeting Friends…

Set up at the Washington National Cathedral 

The Washington National Cathedral is one of the highest points in the D.C. area. Its grassy grounds are a wonderful place for meeting friends, especially those with little ones, to have a picnic and wait for the beautiful explosions in the sky. 

Down in front, gargoyle! One of the great vantage points in D.C. National Cathedral Facebook photo. 



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