Remembering ‘Georgetown Jack’

Georgetown University announced Monday that Georgetown Jack, the school’s English Bulldog mascot, passed away after a brief illness.

Jack the Bulldog is a storied G.U. tradition, first brought to campus by the Class of 1964, which brought a bulldog to the school in 1962. According to university lore, the puppy refused to answer to the name of “Hoya” and only responded to “Jack,” hence, “Georgetown Jack” was born.

Jack was walked on Georgetown’s Main Campus several times throughout the day and would often attend campus events, cheering up all around. A group of students named “The Jack Crew” who applied to become members of the club would take Jack for a stroll during the day and escort him to various events.

A giant inflatable “Jack the Bulldog” heralds Georgetown Community Day on Healy Lawn, Sat. Sept 17. Photo by Chris Jones.

An Instagram post Monday asked for thoughts and prayers for Jack and the students who are dealing with the loss of their beloved pet and mascot. “Since 2019, Jack has brought joy to thousands of members of the Georgetown family with his ever-ready high paws, his ability to run and drive on the basketball court and his genuine love for everyone big and small,” the post continued. “We will share plans for the future in the weeks ahead and invite you to share your favorite photos and memories of Jack by tagging @gujackbulldog.”

We’ll miss you, Georgetown Jack! Instagram photo.

Jack was born on January 24, 2019 and began his position as a tenured mascot at Georgetown on July 24, 2019. He loved chasing balls and the falling leaves in autumn, playing with his toy armadillo, watching Hoya athletics and eating his favorite foods: blueberries and strawberries.

Think of Jack when you visit the koi pond by White-Gravenor and the Alumni House Courtyard, which were two of his favorite spots.

We’ll miss you Jack and wish you all the best as you cross the rainbow bridge.

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