A Not So Covert Rose Park Affair

Upside Martinis with heavy hors d’oeuvres greeted supporters at the annual Friends of Rose Park fundraiser on Oct. 5 at the historic Julia Child house on Olive Street. In keeping with the spy theme, Jennet Conant, author of “A Covert Affair: Adventures of Julia & Paul Child in the OSS,” held the lively crowd’s attention with her personal stories. Also on hand was Nicholas Reynolds, author of “Need to Know.” The random fireworks were a plus.

Billy and Jackie Weldon with host Jennifer Bisceglie. Photo by Andy Cline.

Rose Park stalwarts Jared Jones and David Dunning. Photo by Andy Cline.

Tina and Evan Nadler with Mital Shah. Photo by Andy Cline.

Photo by Andy Cline.

Kathy O’Hearn, Gail Daubert and Michael Bloomfield. Photo by Andy Cline.

Bob Brese with Stefanie and Chip Scott. Photo by Andy Cline.

Connie Zimmer and Rob Hetem. Photo by Andy Cline.

Margaret Dunning and Rebecca Klemm. Photo by Andy Cline.

Jennifer Bisceglie, Haley Mortimer, Tracy Chadwell, Gwen Lohse, Ellen and Howard Eisenberg and Gail Daubert. Photo by Andy Cline.



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