Citizens’ Gala: ‘Timeless — Then and Now’

The theme of the fall cocktail party for the Citizens Association of Georgetown on Oct. 12 was “CAG: Timeless — Then and Now.” Held at the Residence of the Ambassador of Romania, the party attracted new and longtime members of the civic group at the Massachusetts Avenue mansion, which exuded its own timeless elegance.

CAG President Tara Sakraida Parker greeted the lively crowd and said, “Georgetown is known for many things, but one unique characteristic is the social life in Georgetown. Henry Kissinger observed that ‘The hand that mixes the Georgetown martini, is time and again, the hand that guides the destiny of the Western world.’ ”

“From dinner parties to galas, Georgetown is known for glamorous events and influential parties,” Parker said. “The Georgetown Ladies’ Social Club was actually a term coined by President Ronald Reagan and comprised a list of formidable and fascinating women in Georgetown, known for their immense talents, entertaining skills and political clout.”

“So it is in Georgetown,” she continued. “Politics, diplomacy and lots of parties are part of our brand. And so it makes sense to have tonight’s party in a place that once hosted extravaganzas with timeless Hollywood icons, like Elizabeth Taylor and Liza Minnelli, who were directly or indirectly related to politics. 

“As the oldest civic association in the country, formed in 1878, the Citizens Association of Georgetown honors the past and embraces the present. In this crowd, I see many members who have been part of our neighborhood association for 30 years or more. But I see even more new people that I am only now meeting.” 

“Georgetown is truly a community, with CAG members its core. Tonight, the Citizens Association of Georgetown brings our community together. It’s what we do — whether you’ve been here six months or 60 years, there’s a place for you in this organization. CAG’s member events bring people together and make Georgetowners feel connected.” 

“So, cheers to you, citizens of Georgetown. You are the real stars of this community. Thank you for being here, grab a martini and have fun socializing with your neighbors tonight.  And remember: It’s always in fashion to be a Georgetowner — it’s timeless and never goes out of style.” 

With that salute, Parker turned to introduce host Ambassador Andrei Muraru, who welcomed everyone as neighbors and also saluted the crowd.

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