Mapping Georgetown: The Coveted ‘Parking Sticker’

Anyone will tell you that getting a parking sticker in Georgetown is a rite of passage. You can’t park in Georgetown without a Zone 2 parking sticker. You can’t get a parking sticker without D.C. plates and in order to get the plates you need an inspection sticker.  In order to get the inspection sticker, you’ll need a D.C. drivers’ license. Make sure to come equipped with every possible piece of proof of ID, ownership and insurance, or you’ll repeat your final visit to the DMV (probably more than once).

Dr. Gerard Boquel, who works in periodontics and dental implant dentistry, has graced us with a fun parking sticker story!

Dr. Gerard Boquel’s Mapping Georgetown story. Courtesy Mapping Georgetown.

“I was still a student at Georgetown Dental School in 1983 when my ailing car completely failed. As I was car shopping, I noticed a new acquisition at a local car lot which had not yet been prepared for sale. This particular Toyota had a Zone 2 sticker in the window and I realized it was the car for me! I made an offer which was acceptable and the salesman said that I could pick the car up after they cleaned it up and removed the stickers in the windshield. I then had to make it clear that the deal was off if they removed the Zone 2 sticker.  This gave me free parking until graduation!”

Dr. Boquel was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up in Rockville, Maryland. He attended Marietta College for his bachelors degree and returned home to attend Georgetown University School of Dentistry. After four years of dental school, Dr. Boquel attended Rutgers University where he received his graduate certificate in periodontics. Dr. Boquel has offices in Montgomery County and Dupont Circle.

He resides in a converted carriage house in Dupont Circle which he renovated with his spouse Lew Hages.

Dr. Boquel and his dream team are as delightful as this story.  Dr. Boquel, thank you so much for sharing it with us!

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