Book Watch: New Fairy Tales for Stepmothers 

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“You already know how the “wicked stepmother” has become enshrined in legend and folklore. But in this modern era, most of us who are stepmothers or have one ourselves have seen a different truth. Many stepmothers are loving, courageous and innovative.”

“In this collection of original tales, you will find many kinds of stepmothers — queens, scholars, warriors, travelers and entrepreneurs. Turn the pages and see how these heroic parents and their children achieve greatness and overcome adversity together!”

~ Excerpt from “Tales of Virtuous Stepmothers”

When you hear the word “stepmother,” how many of you imagine the conniving and malicious women who oppressed Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella and Snow White? Many women become stepmothers, and other readers may also know someone who has a stepmother. But it’s not easy to be a stepmother raising a family when everyone keeps referring to that outdated trope.  

Well, Georgina Warren, a Georgetown resident, has taken the “wicked stepmother” trope and turned it on its head in her new collection of short stories, “Tales of Virtuous Stepmothers.” Living with her father and stepmother, Georgina realized that the traditional fairy tales that feature “wicked stepmothers” did not resonate with her or reflect the life she had with her own family. She decided to offer the world a better narrative.   

“Tales of Virtuous Stepmothers” is a collection of twelve original fairy tales, written and illustrated to debunk the “wicked stepmother myth” and recast the stepmother as a heroine. Each story features a stepmother who is facing adversity, protecting her family and achieving personal fulfillment.  

“How many of you know a stepmother?” Georgina has asked at book signings and as a guest on  the “In The Blend ” podcast hosted by Laura Jenkins. Many hands go up, because the question strikes a chord with folks who contribute their experiences and often buy multiple copies to spread the word. Georgina even sold one copy at the top of Mount Equinox, Vermont, elevation 3,484 feet! 

Parents and children can create new memories when reading these stories together. Georgina believes that stepmothers need support in their roles, and that blended families need new stories to entertain and inspire future generations. 

This holiday season, if you want better fairy tales to share with your favorite stepmother or child, get your signed copy at Politics and Prose. You can also find ”Tales of Virtuous Stepmothers ” on Amazon in paperback and e-book formats. Follow Georgina Warren on Goodreads and Instagram for the latest book news. You can also enjoy Michelle LaFrance’s review in the November book column of Hill Rag. Check out the illustrations in each story and see if you can find the corresponding elements in the stained-glass windows of our local churches and the National Cathedral. 

Georgina attended the British School of Washington and the Field School.  She recently received a Master of Library and Information Science from the Catholic University of America and now works at the Library of Congress. 




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