Highlighting Local Shops this Holiday Season

As part of our holiday coverage, we asked local shops to answer some questions. We hope to highlight all the wonderful small businesses Georgetown offers, especially during this festive time of year.

Iesha Holy,  Owner & Founder of Eurobronze Sunless Studio

 What made you start your business in Georgetown? 

As the first and only luxury spray tan studio in D.C., I knew I had to open up our flagship studio in a premier shopping destination that also had a community. There was only one neighborhood that fit that bill–Georgetown!  

What was your previous career before your shop opened or how did you get your business savvy?  

Previously I was an accountant that worked with small businesses so I had the advantage of seeing how other businesses in a variety of industries were run from the inside out.  

What’s the hot ticket item(s) in your shop for the holidays? 

Clear Rapid tans which sounds like a bit of a misnomer, but it’s a tanning formula that gives a natural, golden glow making it perfect for evening out skin tone while still giving a subtle boost of color for winter events and holidays. 

Is there anything else you would like to say to The Georgetowner readers? 

We encourage everyone to Shop small this holiday and remember the shops that give the neighborhood its charm! 

Farzana Alam, Prospect Optika

What made you start your business in Georgetown?

We fell in love with the neighborhood, small shops and the cozy feeling.  We took over an existing business that was at the same location over 30 years and met the previous owner through a mutual friend.

What was your previous career before your shop opened or how did you get your business savvy?

There’s two of us (my business partner Oksana who is a dear friend, and myself).  We have been working in the eye industry for over 15 years and have talked about opening our own place someday.  When the opportunity came we were thrilled and started finalizing the process then the COVID-19 pandemic happened.  We bought the business in the middle of the worldwide pandemic then couldn’t open our doors for several months.

I have studied leadership/business management from Harvard Business School and my business partner has a fashion designing degree. She happens to be one of the most friendly, creative people anyone will ever meet.

What’s the hot ticket item(s) in your shop for the holidays?

Hot ticket items in our shop for the holidays are customized eyeglass frames made by a German designer (we can customize any shape, size and colors for our clients liking and comfort). Along with our handmade holiday decor (custom made wreaths, centerpieces, artisan soaps).

Is there anything else you would like to say to The Georgetowner readers?

We would love all The Georgetowner readers to come by and experience our little boutique to relax, unwind, enjoy some great conversation while listening to our personal record collections, reading a book in our mini cozy library with books from around the world and sipping on a cup of coffee while treating themselves or a loved one to a pair of eyeglasses or a handmade artisan gift.





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