Georgetown’s Hyde-Addison Elementary School Evacuated for Bomb Threat 

Children from kindergarten to fifth grade at Hyde-Addison Elementary School at 3219 O St. NW were evacuated for approximately two hours on Thursday afternoon Feb. 1 after the school received a call “threatening an explosion,” according to the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD).

Students leave St. John’s parish hall to meet parents or guardians picking them up at the end of the school day on Feb. 1. Photo by Peggy Sands.

The Georgetowner found clusters of anxious parents at about 3 p.m. standing on the sidewalks around St. John’s Episcopal Church across the street from the school where the children had been taken for safety. No one could say with certainty what had happened. Some children were crying as they left the church as teachers checked attendance lists and parents hurried to reunite with their kids to comfort them. But no information was forthcoming from teachers, school officials, or police officers who had blocked off O St.

The police report issued later said that MPD “conducted a thorough search of the school with nothing suspicious found. The 3200 block of O St NW was then reopened to traffic.”



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