Prompting Community Involvement, Secure DC Bill Passes

Community groups across the city urged their representatives to support the Secure DC Omnibus Amendment Act of 2024. On Tuesday, the Council of the District of Columbia voted its approval. The bill — written, proposed and pushed by Ward 2 Council member Brooke Pinto — now awaits Mayor Muriel Bowser’s signature. The legislation has received national attention.

“The Council’s passage today of my Secure DC omnibus legislation sends the clear message that D.C. is united in its efforts to make meaningful and sustainable improvements to public safety for residents across the District,” Pinto said. “The status quo is unacceptable. …”

One such community group that was at the daylong Council hearing at the Wilson Building was the Citizens Association of Georgetown, whose Executive Director Brittany Sawyer spoke to press after the victory: “Representing the collective voice of our residents, we went to the Wilson Building to make sure our voice was heard over outside opposition advocacy groups. These groups were clearly organized and packed the chamber and hallways. The District Council was not swayed by these groups and chose to listen to their constituents. We applaud the champion of the Secure DC Bill, Council member Brooke Pinto and the rest of the Council for listening to citizens and taking swift action to pass this bill.”

Former chair of the Georgetown-Burleith Advisory Neighborhood Commission Elizabeth Miller had this to say about her experience advocating for the passage of Secure DC: “Everyday the headlines get worse — from deadly carjackings to armed robbery and homicides. I think twice before I walk my dogs after dark and pumping gas has never felt more perilous. If D.C. were a state, we’d have the highest crime in the country. I went down to the Wilson Building to advocate for the passage of Secure DC because my neighbors and I are fed up! While I don’t think this is the magic remedy to ending all crime in the District, I think it’s a step in the right direction toward making our city safer.”

Miller added: “I was surprised by the crowds who clapped when Council members spoke of a reduction in our police force. I was surprised by the hissing and booing when Council members voted to support common-sense crime fighting tools. Council member Brooke Pinto deserves all our thanks for her tireless work to get this bill over the finish line. I experienced, first hand, the uphill battle she faced and I am eternally grateful to her for her commitment to make D.C. and all our residents safer.”

“By definition, moderates aren’t the types to show up and get loud and crazy,” said Kristin Cecchi. “So, I attended the meeting to represent the majority of D.C. residents who are fed up with the crime and want the Council to pass the common-sense provisions of the Secure DC Omnibus.”


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