Haute & Cool: Luxe Linen Defines a Sophisticated Summer Wardrobe  

Prepare for the warm weather with luxurious, lightweight linen. Breathable and airy, the woven fiber is a favorite for summer sensibility. With a distinguished heritage and cooling properties, linen’s reputation as a premium textile is well deserved. Its production originated in ancient Egypt and it was quickly adopted among the affluent for its delicate composition and durable nature.  

Made from the flax plant, the development from seed to fabric is labor-intensive, which comes with a cost. It is also both energy- and water-efficient, making it one of the most eco-conscious selections in the fashion market.   

As temperatures rise, comfort takes precedence, but it can be done with class. While the natural fiber helps regulate the effects of humidity on the body and soothes the skin, its leisurely style lends itself to sophisticated silhouettes, allowing for movement and flexibility.   

Who doesn’t admire the polished perfection of a flowy dress, crisp blazer, breezy pant or graceful top? Since linen is organic in nature, other natural materials such as cotton, denim, wool and silk are easily woven into it, creating more complex textiles. The composition itself will relax with time, adding to its longevity.  

If you are looking to accessorize, a raffia handbag adds softness to a look while a leather belt creates structure. Another advantage is that linen absorbs dye beautifully and with consistency. Modern-day palettes favor neutral colors ranging from creamy whites to earthy rusts and browns, with just a sprinkling of more vibrant hues such as yellows and blues. The timeless whisper of linen remains a signature of refinement in warm-weather wear.  

Allyson Burkhardt is the founder of Let’s Get Dressed! Image & Style Services.Visit letsgetdresseddc.com to put your best look forward. 



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