D.C. Mondays: Dear Chinatown

April 19, 2021

Rising costs of living and commercial redevelopment overshadow Chinatown’s cultural assets. The consequence is that aging Chinatown residents are experiencing increased alienation from their neighborhood and younger generations across the Washington, D.C., […]

Cotson Textile Traces Student Colloquium

April 17, 2021

On April 17, we hope you will join us for our first Cotsen Textile Traces Student Colloquium, featuring university students in D.C., Los Angeles and Neuchâtel, Switzerland. In a series of […]

GW Museum & Textile Museum Contemporary Voices: Guillermo Bert

February 20, 2021

Los Angeles-based multimedia artist Guillermo Bert was born in Santiago, Chile, in 1959. His bi-cultural experience provides him with a lived perspective from which his artistic expression is cultivated. Bert […]

Lafayette in Washington, 1824-25

October 22, 2018

Tudor Place Executive Director, Mark Hudson, shares insights into the Marquis de Lafayette’s visits to Washington in 1824 and 1825, including stops at Tudor Place. Through contemporary accounts of his […]

Breaking News: Alexander Hamilton & Greetings From Washington

May 15, 2018

Drawing on the vast history of Washington D.C., two complementary exhibitions will look at how one man played a role in bringing the U.S. capital where it is and how […]

Last Chance: Textile Museum Director Speaks Thursday

September 18, 2017

John Wetenhall, director of the George Washington University Museum and the Textile Museum, oversaw the 2015 relocation of the Textile Museum, founded in 1925, from a Kalorama mansion to a modern building on the GW campus.