An Elegant Cafe With Middle Eastern Accents

August 31, 2020

Tatte’s elegant aesthetic — custom black-and-white tiles, goodies temptingly displayed on vintage finds, repurposed industrial light fixtures — reflects the cinematic eye of its creative owner, film producer Tzurit Or.

Profs & Pints: Our Troubled Saudi Ties

December 5, 2018

Profs and Pints presents: “Our Troubled Saudi Ties,” with Hussein Ibish, senior resident scholar at the Arab Gulf States Institute. Since the 1940s, the partnership between Riyadh and Washington has been a mainstay of Middle East security and US foreign policy. It has survived serious disputes such as the 1973 oil embargo, decades of Arab-Israeli […]

Chatting with Chefs: Gerald Addison

February 21, 2018

Each month, Evan Caplan speaks with a chef of a local eatery. In February, he chatted with Gerald Addison of Maydan. Addison is a homegrown D.C. native who started his culinary career at Restaurant Nora. He’s passionate about working with local farmers and producers in his new role as executive chef at Compass Rose, where […]