Pro-Palestinian Protest March through Georgetown Nov. 24 Called for Black Friday Boycott

November 27, 2023

Since the start of the Israel-Hamas War following Hamas’s Oct. 7 terrorist attacks and hostage-takings inside Israel —leaving more than 1,200 dead and 240 hostages taken — and the subsequent […]

Editorial: Freedom of Speech  

November 8, 2023

Thousands have been killed and hundreds kidnapped and taken hostage in the declared war between Israel and Palestine/Hamas since Oct. 7. Outrage has been expressed at numerous demonstrations in our […]

Tens of Thousands in Pro-Palestinian March for Gaza 

November 6, 2023

At least tens of thousands of people gathered downtown for one of the biggest pro-Palestinian protests ever in the U.S. on Saturday. Marchers called for a cease-fire in Gaza, where […]

Bells Are Ringing! How Immunotherapy is Unlocking Doors to a Cancer Cure

August 17, 2022

The New Frontier: Immunotherapy  Your immune system is on a mission, constantly assessing threats, identifying invaders, and neutralizing or killing them off. It is a finely tuned network of organs, […]