Laurence Leamer on ‘Hitchcock’s Blondes’

October 11, 2023

Laurence “Larry” Leamer lives “just over the bridge at 2501 M.” On decent days, he walks through Georgetown, enjoying the beauty of the neighborhood. Little do most know, the down-to-earth […]

‘Dog Days of Summer’ Reading Suggestions

August 3, 2023

Though we’re now officially in the Dog Days of August and everyone’s gearing up for “Back to School,” there’s still plenty of time to delve into the delights of summer […]

‘Studio 54 Forever’ at House of Sweden

September 20, 2018

Hasse Persson spent more than 100 nights at Studio 54 as the only photographer allowed inside by co-owner Steve Rubell after press hours. An exhibition of his photographs is on view from Sept. 22 to Dec. 9.