Chip Reid’s ‘Battle Scars’ Talk at City Tavern on Jan. 25

January 18, 2024

Georgetown neighbor and retired journalist Chip Reid has authored an intense war book of action and remembrance. The urgency of  “Battle Scars: Twenty Years Later: 3d Battalion 5th Marines Looks […]

Where Is Honor to Be Found?  

August 16, 2023

The founders of our great nation knew our Constitutional Republic could only survive if our citizens were honorable. But now we search in vain for traces of character in our […]

Heartbreak: Mourning the Loss of 13 Service Members

August 30, 2021

August is the cruelest month. Especially so for the families of the thirteen young service men and women killed in what many experts said was an inevitable yet preventable act […]

Georgetowner Ed Emes Dies at the Age of 91

December 9, 2020

From the Emes family: Edward L. Emes, Jr., 91, passed away peacefully at his home in Washington, D.C., on Nov. 27. Born on April 23, 1929 in New York City […]

Milos Forman, R. Lee Ermey: More Than Movie Originals

April 16, 2018

The world of movies and movie-makers and making is a universal circus — even now in the age of super heroes and Marvel Comics. The movies are populated and peopled by […]