Beginner’s Luck: Cash in on Las Vegas Entertainment

November 28, 2012

The slogan, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” evokes images of late- night gambling, debauchery and escapades straight out of “The Hangover.” For many people, this type of experience is exactly what is attractive about Las Vegas, but there is more than one reason to travel to Sin City, which has become an entertainment and foodie capital in the U.S. Las Vegas, Nevada, now offers a wide range of shows, activities and restaurants that of- fer entertainment options for Las Vegas rookies and veterans alike.

Walking down Las Vegas Boulevard, or “the strip,” is a must for any first-time visitor. If you’re travelling on a budget, it can be a great inexpensive activity in its own right, as you take in the sights and sounds of the city. Each hotel along the strip caters to a different theme, and stopping in each can provide plenty of enter- tainment, from riding the roller coaster in New York-New York, watching and reviewing CBS television pilots at MGM, to viewing a copy of Michelangelo’s statue of David in Caesar’s Palace. While walking the strip, make sure to stop at the Bellagio for the fountain show, take a gondola ride at the Venetian and stop at Treasure Island for the pirate show.

While the strip seems to be the iconic desti- nation for Las Vegas, many gems off Las Vegas Boulevard offer a variety of activities that cannot be found on the strip — or anywhere else for that matter.


Las Vegas offers a wide variety of shows that cater to all interests, from comedies, to musi- cals, to the risqué. For example, the Amazing Johnathan has become a Las Vegas staple. The entertainer, now performing at Bally’s, combines magic and comedy, along with crowd interac- tion, to provide an unforgettable show.

Frank Marino’s Divas Las Vegas is at the Imperial Palace nightly, except for Friday, at 10 p.m. As the city’s leading “female imper- sonator,” Marino’s drag show is the longest continuously running show in Las Vegas. Marino has been performing in Las Vegas since 1985 and became famous for his impersonation of television personality Joan Rivers. His act now includes impersonations of Bette Midler, Britney Spears, Madonna and many others.


You’ve seen Cirque du Soleil’s talented artists mesmerize crowds live on stage, and now for the time ever, you, too, can experience for yourself what it’s like to be an actual performer. Shine Alternative Fitness brings the unique “cir- cus” workout to the general public, under the instruction of past and present Cirque du Soleil performers and top industry champions. Not even a VIP backstage pass can get you as up close and personal to the mesmerizing world of Cirque like Shine Fitness can.

A recent recipient of the Las Vegas Weekly’s “Best Off-the-Wall Workout” award and noted by as a top 10 teambuilding workout in Las Vegas, Shine offers stimulating, fun and rewarding workouts with an array of exclusive specialty classes, including “Antigravity Yoga,” which suspends participants in the air to achieve challenging yoga poses and total relaxation, pole fitness, aerial, stretch and tone, Xtreme Boxing, Gyrotronic, similar to swimming and dancing on a unique pulley tower and more.

For guests looking for a beauty transforma- tion, Amp Blo Bar & Salon located in Palms Casino Resort is a hidden gem for anyone taking on Vegas in style. The salon recently announced a special partnership with Minx, the elite nail fashion designer that extends fashion to the fin- gertips. Worn by the most fashionable names in entertainment, Minx is essential for the glitz and glamour of the Strip nightlife scene. With skilled Minx specialists on-hand, Amp is one of few locations in Las Vegas to secure hot nail fashion.

As for gambling, yes, I tried it. I even learned how to play craps, but I was too timid to try it out in the “real world.” I stuck to the penny slots while I was at the Flamingo. I won $126 off one of the slots after only a few tries. Was it beginner’s luck? I guess I will find out next time.

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