Waterfowl Festival: Dogs, Ducks, Art and Conservation

“Where Art and Conservation Meet” is the well-chosen theme of the Premiere Night Party of the 46th annual Waterfowl Festival in Easton, Maryland. Close...

Last Chance: Nov. 9 Cultural Leadership Breakfast

Melanie Mathewes, executive director of the Middleburg, Virginia, institution since 2013, will talk about the National Sporting Library & Museum's evolution and its current major exhibition, "The Horse in Ancient Greek Art."

The Wharf Is Launched

Developers Monty Hoffman of PN Hoffman and Amer Hammour of Madison Marquette and Council member Charles Allen, among others, had devoted the past 10 years to creating the new Southwest D.C. neighborhood.

Textile Museum’s Wetenhall Speaks at George Town Club

The George Washington University Museum and the Textile Museum — designed by Hartman-Cox to incorporate historic Woodhull House, most recently a security office — opened at G and 21st Streets in March of 2015.

‘Wilderness’ Is Urgent, Fresh Theater

Featuring music, movement and video projections (including the use of Skype), the show is a challenging and moving journey into the lives of contemporary troubled teens.

Films Pair With Wine, Scenery in Middleburg

During the Middleburg Film Festival, Oct. 19 to 22, more than two dozen narrative and documentary films will be screened at venues such as the Middleburg Community Center, the National Sporting Library & Museum and the Hill School.

Murphy’s Love: Advice on Intimacy and Relationships — Old Enough for a Boyfriend?

Dear Stacy, We are hoping for your advice about our 16-year-old daughter. After spending her high school years (so far) going out with groups of...

Real Men Have a Skin Care Routine

The general argument for most men is that they want a skin care routine that is simple — if they even decide they need...

Dave Chappelle Gives Emmy to Ellington School, Gets Key to Washington, D.C.

Dave Chappelle returned to his alma mater, the Duke Ellington School of the Arts on 35th Street, remarking on its reconstruction and giving the...

Great Meadow Beckons for Steeplechasing, Tailgating

This year’s International Gold Cup, one of the country’s most anticipated steeplechase events, will take place Saturday, Oct. 28, at Great Meadow in The...

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