LOFT Grand Opening Welcoming Party

When a LOFT store opens a new location they host a party called the “LOFT Warming Event,” according to Georgetown’s LOFT manager, Khalilah Branch.

“It’s much like you would have a house warming. We’re all moved in and we got our beautiful product on the floor to showcase,” said Branch.

This is exactly what’s happening on Saturday, Oct. 22 in Georgetown. The store opened its doors on Sept. 30 but is designating this weekend to showcasing their product to the community and their friends.

LOFT is a women’s clothing retail store that features casual dresses, blouses, sweaters, pants and more. The Georgetown store’s current location on Wisconsin Ave. NW, is the newest spot its had since its last location closed down a couple years ago off M Street. It has had some great success since last month’s opening, according to Branch.

“The feedback on the store from the community has been awesome so far,” she said. ” We’re seeing a lot of our Georgetown clients returning to this location.”

Meghan Gallery, a returning customer since the new location opened, explained that she is a regular LOFT client.

“I’ve been here three or four times since it opened,” she said. “The location is very convenient and the sizing of their product is consistent so I can buy what I want without too much trouble.”

The event on Saturday will have a DJ, some style specialists, sponsored treats from Georgetown Cupcake, and the serving of prosecco (sparkling wine) from Better Events Catering. There will also be a photographer from Lucky Magazine taking pictures of guests in their LOFT looks during the event’s 1 to 4 p.m. window.

Lacey Maffettone, the blog host of a D.C. fashion blog called A Lacey Perspective, has partnered with Lucky Magazine to host the LOFT “welcoming event.”

“One of our goals is to get all of my readers and Lucky Magazine’s readers to come on site at LOFT on Saturday,” Maffettone said. “We want to show that the city of Washington, D.C. has a fashion side to it just as much as it has a political and business side.”

Maffettone explained that Lucky Magazine reached out to her and asked her to co-host with them for the LOFT event. She also explained that the store is expressing a new winter collection to its customers. They are encouraging a new color-block, or matching scheme, with brighter colors and fabrics for their products.

“Lucky and myself are hoping to continue to bring this style into focus for D.C. by partnering with LOFT,” Meffettone said.

According to the Facebook event invite page created by A Lacey Perspective, there are 76 expected attendees so far for Saturday. Khalilah Branch, the store’s manager, said that the event isn’t just for the Facebook invites but that it’s open to the rest of Georgetown and the public.


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