Homicide In Georgetown [Updated]

UPDATE: Albrecht Gero Muth was charged yesterday with the murder of his late wife, Viola Drath.

Muth was arrested by D.C. police Tuesday evening and charged with second-degree murder after police found he did not have a credible alibi at the time of Drath’s death and found no signs of forced entry into their Q Street home. Muth allegedly has a history of violent behavior toward Drath.

The death of 91-year-old Georgetown resident Viola Drath, originally credited to natural causes, is now under investigation as a homicide.

Drath died in a bathroom in her home on Q Street on Friday morning. In his obituary submission to The Washington Post the following morning, Drath’s second husband Albrecht Gero Muth classified the cause of death as “head trauma resulting from fall,” but the results of an autopsy have given the D.C. authorities cause to begin a search for Drath’s killer.

Police spent the weekend interviewing the family and collecting evidence from Drath’s home, but have not turned up any leads as of yet. The home shows no sign of forced entry, and the police have not named any suspects or discovered a possible motive for murder.

A native of Germany and reputed journalist, Drath is remembered as a former reporter for Handelsblatt, a German newspaper, and as a columnist for The Washington Times. She wrote several books and was actively involved in foreign policy, particularly affairs involving relations between Germany and the U.S.

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