One Day for Kwame Brown; Honors for the Nats

Former City Council Chairman and once promising politician Kwame Brown got his day in court and received a day in custody. U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon sentenced Brown to one day—that’s 24 hours or less—in detention for being convicted of bank fraud and six months of home detention and 480 hours of community services. That was just one more round of public embarrassment for Brown, who gave up his council chairmanship earlier and more than likely a once promising political career in the district.

The Washington Nationals may not have made it to the World Series this year, but honors keep floating their way. They come as a tribute to the phenomenal year to the home team, which went from a losing streak to having the best record in the major leagues and getting into the playoffs before bowing to the St. Louis Cardinals. Veteran manager Davey Johnson was named National League Manager of the Year. Big-hustle phenom Bryce Harper, who ignited the Nats after being called up early in the year, was named NL Rookie of the Year. All in all, we’re already looking forward to next season.


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