DDOT Selects Streetcars for K Street From Union Station to Georgetown

After studies and surveys, the District Department of Transportation has opted for a streetcar “premium transit” option at a cost of almost $350 million to build. Approval processes would take at least two years before construction begins. The line would go would go from Union Station to Wisconsin Avenue and K Street.

Here’s more from a DDOT letter:

“The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) announced the completion of the Union Station to Georgetown Premium Transit Alternative Analysis (AA) Study, a comprehensive analysis of alternatives to provide high quality transit in this important east-west corridor. This study was funded through a Federal Transit Administration (FTA) grant.

The completion of this study marks an important step in DDOT’s commitment to provide more and improved transportation choices in the District of Columbia. In this study DDOT partnered with FTA and explored several options to provide premium transit service between Union Station and Georgetown while analyzing the needs of the corridor.

DDOT conducted an active public and stakeholder engagement process and held several public, stakeholder and agency meetings to gather input from the public as it studied several alternatives. Alternative 1, which consists of a streetcar system running primarily along K Street, NW, New Jersey Avenue, NW, and H Street, was ultimately selected as DDOT’s recommended alternative.

With the completion of this study, DDOT will now proceed to the environmental review and approval process, which will be followed by design and construction.

The report is available on project website: www.unionstationtogeorgetown.com.”


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