1914 Model T Pie Truck Takes Drive Through Georgetown

Mike Copperthite, driving the restored 1914 Model T Connecticut-Copperthite Pie delivery truck, on Potomac Street June 22. | Robert Devaney

Mike Copperthite, descendent of the founders of the Connecticut-Copperthite Pie Company, drove a restored 1914 Model T pie delivery truck into Georgetown from the Virginia suburbs June 22.

Cooperthite has revived the family’s pie business over the past few years and is selling pies in different locations or just donating them to various charitable events. He drove his pie truck — which caught everyone’s attention — around town from M Street and to Q Street and R Street.

Founded in 1888, the Connecticut-Copperthite Pie Company had locations in Georgetown and Capitol Hill. It not only was the biggest pie bakery in D.C. but was one of the biggest companies in D.C.

The Connecticut-Copperthite Pie Delivery Truck was restored a few months ago and is one of only 119 made in 1914 and was sold by the Ford Motor Company to the Connecticut-Copperthite Pie Company 100 years ago.

“Though intact and complete, she was in need of loving attention,” according to Copperthite. “The Henry Ford Museum folks gave a lending hand to Gary Cooper, a master craftsman, and the Model T Club of Southern Nevada in the restoration of Serial No.317233. Cooper and his team spent the last year putting her right.”

The story of the restoration of the pie truck will be told in July on the History Channel’s “Counting Cars.”

The truck will serve at special events, says Copperthite, “before heading to the Henry Ford Museum and the Model T National Museum to be exhibited before she goes into the Smithsonian Institution.”

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