Chez Billy Sud to Take Over Café La Ruche Space

Restaurateurs Eric and Ian Hilton will open a Georgetown location, as they take over the former Café La Ruche space at 1039 31st St., NW, in early August. Chez Billy Sud will feature authentic Southern French cuisine, craft cocktails and French wine from the wine selection.

The new place is south of the original Chez Billy in Petworth that Eric and Ian Hilton own – thus, the name, Chez Billy Sud. They also run restaurants on U Street.

“We are very excited to open up a new location in Georgetown,” executive chef Brendan L’Etoile said. “We admire the location of the restaurant in Georgetown for the great potential that the area has. We are looking to accommodate anyone that comes to Georgetown and want to enjoy good French food.”

The interior design will remain the same, but plans include some changes to renovate the interior and replace the furniture in the patio. The menu of the restaurant will remain the same as the sister restaurant at Georgia Avenue.

“When the weather is warm, we will do a lot of light-cooking with olive oil. Once the weather gets cooler, we will do some richer cooking,” L’Etoile said. “We are excited about opening up a new location in Georgetown and carry on the legacy that Café La Ruche has made over the years.”

“Café la Ruche is not closed yet,” said Bill Starrels, neighbor to the restaurant and the local advisory neighborhood commissioner. “We will miss Jean Claude and Cafe LaRuche. He has provided years of good food and been a friend to his neighbors. Chez Billy will pick up the French flair and continue the French tradition.”

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