Police to Issue Tickets to Litterers


Beginning Sept. 1, a new anti-littering law will be enforced by the Metropolitan Police, which will allow officers to issue $75 Notice of Violation for littering to any pedestrians caught littering on public space, in waterways or on someone else’s private property.

If you are issued an NOV for littering, you are then required to provide your accurate name and your address to the officer. If you refuse or fail to do so, you can be arrested. When convicted, the litterer will be fined an additional $100 to $250 by D.C. Superior Court. The fines will double when an individual fails to respond to the ticket either by paying or appealing the ticket to the Office of Administrative Hearing.

During August, police officers are writing warnings to litterers in the First, Second, Third, Fifth and Seventh Police Districts to educate the public about the possible consequences of the upcoming littering law enforcement.

A driver of any vehicle — where an officer sees either the driver or any passenger throw out trash of any kind on to any public space, such as streets, alleys and sidewalks — will continue to be fined with a $100 ticket.

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