Get Active, Get Ready — Summer Is Coming

Flywheel studio with stadium-style seating

Sometimes, sessions in the gym seem long and dull. Going out for a run can be impossible on days when the weather isn’t the best and the couch temps. These newly opened fitness studios in D.C. will motivate and give you that extra push you need to shape up for summer.

If bicycling outside seems too dangerous to you, try out indoor cycling. Or why not tone your body with high intensity interval training (HIIT) and — or bodyweight exercises? No matter your skill level, there’s something for everyone in D.C. But remember to find an exercise that you enjoy and make sure you’re having fun. The most important thing is that you get active; the best exercise is the one that actually happens.

Off Road DC:

The local cycling studio Off Road DC provides a great fitness experience with a diversity of classes to make sure clients get a full body workout. Tali Wenger and Tammar Bergen opened the studio in October 2012, wanting to bring something new to D.C.
Tali Wenger, main instructor and co-owner of the fitness center explains that Off Road strives to maintain a welcoming environment for their clients. ”Off Road DC provides something for everybody, with any background and every fitness level. We want to make sure our clients are safe, especially when attending our cycling classes,” she says.

In addition, the Off Road DC team makes sure that beginners and veteran athletes both feel comfortable, welcome and fulfilled by HIIT (high intensity interval training), mixed cycling and running classes. ”We want clients to feel they can take any class and at their own pace.” Wenger explains.

Every class is different and instructors are given the freedom to express themselves in both music and teaching style. Off Road DC also has a wide range of offerings tailored to every person’s fitness goals. At the studio you can train indoor cycling, TRX, boxing, bootcamp and mixed classes. The mixed classes combine both cycling, running and core.

The first Thursday of every month, Off Road DC partner up with the 9:30 Club for a special spinning class. Tali Wenger encourage beginners to join the free intro class on Saturdays at 11:15 a.m. to walk through the bikes and get a 30-minute workout. ”The first step for anyone is coming in the door,” Wenger says.

Off Road DC is located on 905 U St. NW Washington, D.C.


Fitness fanatics, listen up. The innovative Solidcore workout is a 50-minute, full body tune-up in a class-based fitness studio with no more than 13 clients in class at a time. It is basically a hardcore pilates class where you use slow and controlled full-body movements with tension to work the muscle fibers to failure. This low-impact process forces your muscles to rebuild a stronger, more toned and sculpted you.

Since every workout experience is different, the body doesn’t stop responding to the exercise. With small class sizes at Solidcore, you can get a personalized experience. The certified Solidcore instructors motivate you to push yourself further than you would on your own.

Solidcore is one of the hardest and most intense workouts you will ever do, and is like nothing else you’ve ever done. As written on their website, ”This is the athlete’s workout, not your grandmother’s pilates class. Prepare to sweat, be pushed to your edge, and for the most intense workout of your life”. The Solidcore team encourages you to have fun while building the best version of yourself. You will be amazed by this workout and its results — guaranteed.

Solidcore has three D.C. locations; in Shaw, Mt. Vernon triangle and Cathedral Commons at 3308 Wisconsin Ave NW.

Flywheel Sports:

The popular indoor cycling studio Flywheel Sports recently opened a new studio in Dupont. ”Flywheel is the ultimate, revolutionary cycling experience”, says Danielle Devine-Baum, master instructor and creative director for the northeast region.

Flywheel is a full body training combined with an arm sequence at the end of every class. The Torqboards on the bikes allow riders to view and keep track of their rate per minute (RPM), power and torque. The results are uploaded to patrons’ accounts online and on the Flywheel app after every class. In addition, you can see calories burned and how mileage biked in the app and online.

If you’re not into indoor cycling, you can try out FlyBarre classes. FlyBarre helps tone and work up long, lean muscles. The classes focus on lightweight leg, arm and abdominal exercises with many reps. ”Flywheel Sports is a perfect fit for all fitness levels and our instructors are trained to help set up beginners so the intimidation factor disappears,” Devine-Baum says.

”The Dupont location is Flywheel’s thirty-third studio and with more than 60 bikes, the location is the largest studio today, which is very exciting for us,” Devine-Baum continues. The studio has showers, lockers, changing rooms in addition to a blow dry bar with spa equipment. Seat cushions and shoes are complimentary at every Flywheel Sports studio.

Flywheel Sports studio is located on 1927 Florida Ave NW.

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