ANC Update: Jeff Jones Retires; Rick Murphy, Jim Wilcox to Run; Lisa Palmer to Challenge Bill Starrels

Another commissioner for the Georgetown-Burleith-Hillandale Advisory Neighborhood Commission has decided not to run for re-election. This time, it is Jeffrey Jones, who represents 2E03 in the center of Georgetown. Jones is supporting candidate Rick Murphy, who is running unopposed for his district position.

In the district represented by Tom Birch (2E06), Jim Wilcox has thrown his hat into the ring. Wilcox is well known in the neighborhood. He was on the board of the Citizens Association of Georgetown and is on the board of the Georgetown Business Association. He is a member of working groups on parking and DC Water’s Green Infrastructure. There appear to be no opponents for Wilcox.

For another ANC single-member district, however, a challenger has emerged. In 2E05, which is mostly south of M Street to the Potomac River, another candidate, Lisa Palmer, will file by the Aug. 10 deadline to run on the ballot against veteran commissioner Bill Starrels.

Jones sent a message to the community, parts of which follow: “I will not be seeking re-election for ANC2E commissioner. … I believe there have been measurable improvements in our community over the past six years. … It is because of the collective efforts of each of you that our community has grown in such a healthy way.

“I would also like to announce the excellent news that Rick Murphy, a long time resident of Georgetown, has agreed to run for my seat. This is a significant win for our community. … Rick has been quietly working behind the scenes, participating in the Georgetown Community Partnership, DC Water issues, Historic and Zoning matters and the controversy surrounding the change in flight paths to and from Reagan National Airport. Rick currently serves as counsel to ANC2E. … He will be ready to hit the ground running once he is sworn in as commissioner. …”

In the district represented by Starrels, Palmer said that she simply wants to get more involved with the community and feels that she can make a worthwhile contribution. A mother of 4-year-old twins, she has worked for Comcast Sports marketing, Kaboom, a non-profit, as well as film and financial businesses.

Starrels said losing chairman Ron Lewis and commissioners Tom Birch and Jones will be tough for ANC2E, but he is grateful for all the work they have done to unite the community — residents, businesses and Georgetown University. “It’s a shame they’re all moving on at the same time,” he said. “Hopefully, change will be good.”

Joe Gibbons, who has been involved in CAG’s efforts on historic preservation and zoning, is to represent Lewis’s district.

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