Computerware: 40 Years of Helping Businesses Thrive

Serving the needs of businesses both large and small since 1976, Computerware is well established in the information technology world. Founded in McLean, Virginia, by Chuck and Joan Evans, the company began by selling computer supplies, evolving over time into a full-service IT company.

Computerware President Chip Evans and Whitehorse Technology Solutions founder Alan J. Edwards partnered to merge their companies in May of 2015. Edwards is now Computerware’s chief information officer.

Evans and Edwards pride themselves on striving to help their customers’ businesses thrive. “Our goal is for our clients to make money,” says Evans. Computerware maintains flexibility to meet the needs of individual clients, he says, since there is “no single solution that works for everybody.”

Instead of waiting to step in until an emergency occurs at the eleventh hour, Evans explains that it is in their best interest to keep companies running smoothly at all times. They proactively “brush and floss the network” in order to avoid preventable complications.

As a core value, the company takes time to build long-term relationships on the basis of experience and expertise, preferring to be “overly engaged with clients.” When a client relocates, representatives from Computerware are there throughout the entire process. Experts ensure that everything from interior wiring to internet configuration is executed properly, even accompanying clients to possible new locations to assess the quality of the systems in place.

Whereas big-name companies send contractors to resolve issues — a practice that Edwards jokingly calls the “Uber of IT support” — Computerware seeks to provide reliable service from people that clients have come to know and trust. “We act as the customer’s technology department,” explains Evans.

Computerware works with every type of organization, from nonprofit groups to schools — private K-12 schools as well as colleges and universities like Georgetown University — to the federal government. Evans and Edwards also have a one-to-one program that provides a laptop for every student.

According to Evans, Computerware is a no-nonsense company that does not try to trick customers; it genuinely cares about each client. “It’s what we do, it’s how we work things,” he says.

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