Letter To the Editor

Olympics Demeaned By Critique

I was disappointed to read the depressing editorial on the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil in the August 10 issue of The Georgetowner. To begin, it was written and published just as the games began. So, I’m curious why the writer leapt into a rant about the “banalities” that the NBC commentators might heap on viewers’ ears. The writer must live a lofty and privileged life to provide this perverted critique.

Next, following the word “nonetheless” within the five-paragraph piece, entitled “Embracing the Rio Games,” the writer scoffs at the “throwing things” and the shooting of guns and arrows. A total dismissal of the meaning of the games.

This is a pathetic editorial from someone who must be a chair-bound moron who is very good at piecing together demeaning rhetoric.

— Claudia Corwin, Chevy Chase


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