The ANC Shakeup Continues

The Georgetown-Burleith-Hillandale Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E, praised by Mayor Vincent Gray in 2012 as the best in the city, will be getting at least three new members in 2017. Chair Ron Lewis is retiring, as are Tom Birch, one of the longest-serving commissioners, and Jeffrey Jones, who represents 2E03 in the center of Georgetown. Known for his collegiality, Lewis was central to the groundbreaking agreement between Georgetown residents and Georgetown University on its 10-year campus plan — a contentious issue for years.

At present, in addition to Lewis, Birch and Jones, the commission consists of Vice-Chair Bill Starrels, Ed Soloman, Mara Goldman, Monica Roache and Reed Howard. That will change significantly come January 2017 — just like the White House.

Only two single-member districts are contested. In 2E03, Greg Miller and Richard Murphy will vie for Jones’s seat. In 2E05, which is mostly in Georgetown, south of M Street to the Potomac River and Roosevelt Island, another candidate — Lisa Palmer — will run against Starrels.


  • Jody Kurash

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